True Blood Radio 197: Who’s Coming to True Blood in Season 6?

True Blood Radio 197: Who’s Coming to True Blood in Season 6?

After a few weeks off, True Blood Radio is back with several casting updates for the upcoming season. This is a spoiler-heavy episode, discussing casting news and tidbits about the True Blood season 6 premiere episode. You have been warned!

Things we talked about:

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  1. Great to hear from you, guys. I thought maybe you stopped doing podcasts until things really picked up. Also geting used to your new website format. Nice.

  2. Thank you! There really hasn’t been much to talk about and rather than bore everyone with a bunch of twaddle, we thought we’ll just wait until we have something cool to talk about! :-)

  3. So is Lilith completely gone now that Bill turnt into what he is now?

  4. Lilith/Billith….bet they are ‘demons’. In the book, Mr. Cataliades is a demon / totally different sceniario (so Bill is ‘misunderstood’!!!). Maybe one day he can become human or vamp again. Can’t see him turning against Sookie forever – fans would so not like that one!

    • Love your new site design – very clean and crisp! I’m glad that some spoilers are starting to come out. Does filming start in January? How is Anna Paquin going with the twins? I bet the set will have a nursery attached, so that mum or dad can pop in most of the time when not filming – although Billith in all that goop may be a bit unsettling for the babies… Let us hope that his goop-covered phase doesn’t last too long!

    • Oops, I forgot to say how much I liked your theory about Demons! We haven’t seen any of them yet.