SPOILERS: Casting Call for True Blood Episodes 6.01 and 6.05

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Yes, you read that correctly, we have a casting call for episode five of True Blood season 6 already. We also have a couple more characters being cast for the season premiere, “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”.

For the first episode of the season, producers are casting a State Trooper, an ex-military type in his 30s-40s, and Occupy Girl, an activist in her 20s who most likely is part of Nicole Jannsen’s group.

Now here’s the really interesting call for the mid-season episode (as yet untitled): Right now they’re just referring to her as Teen Girl (18 to play 17; possible nudity). She’s very attractive, and very wild. Dark hair, good body, and the know-it-all attitude that teens do so well. She loves to have a good time, which includes tight clothes and chasing boys. Agents are supposed to think of “a preacher’s daughter gone wild with a hint of naiveté” when sending actresses to audition.

My guess is that Teen Girl is actually the daughter of the Governor of Louisiana. In the original casting call, back when he was the Governor of Texas (I know, it’s confusing), there was a reference to his wife leaving him and their 20-something daughter for a vampire.  That character was left out of the revised casting call that moved Gov. Burrell to Louisiana, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they reworked her character, made her younger, and are now looking for her to cause trouble around mid-season.

Thanks to Bookies Luv True Blood for the head’s up!

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  1. Marlene Emmett

    December 13, 2012 at 1:12 pm

    I’m addressing this to the writing staff~and especially the new head writer for the show.
    You really need to recast Marcia DeRosse as “Dr.Ludwig”!!!
    She’s so needed in the show~she could and give Andy Bellefleur’s identical quad daughter’s
    their first checkup~they are half human/half fairy after all??
    And she could also give check ups to Rikki,Emma & she could take care of Luna after her ordeal in
    the Vampire Authority in Season Five/Episode 12??
    Her fans on Facebook would love to see her back on the show!!!!
    Could you please make our Christmas wish come TRUE????

    • Mel

      December 13, 2012 at 2:04 pm

      While we enjoyed Marcia’s turn as Dr. Ludwig, this really isn’t the forum to address the writers of True Blood. We’re a fansite, not HBO. Maybe if you sent a well-crafted request via HBO.com, that would get to the right people?

  2. Rina

    December 18, 2012 at 12:40 pm

    You know, it’s possible that we may see Dr. Ludwig again in S6. We do get to see her again in the books. That would be wonderful.