Charlaine Harris Touring Schedule Doesn’t Include “Dead Ever After”

Charlaine Harris Touring Schedule Doesn’t Include “Dead Ever After”

I have to be honest, I’m a bit surprised at this news, but according to her Facebook page, Charlaine Harris will not be touring for her final Sookie Stackhouse novel, Dead Ever After. She will be touring though, and below is her schedule. If you’re going to be in any of these areas, pop in and show your support for a wonderful author. Charlaine has given us 13 of the most interesting and entertaining stories over the years (and then some!) and I’m pretty excited to see what she has up her sleeve.

Kicking off my travelling year, tomorrow night in NYC I’ll be speaking to the Master Class at the Center for Fiction. (See below.) The rest of my schedule for the year is:

Jan 24-28 – Florida Romance Writers Fun in the Sun Cruise conference

Feb. 14-16 – Savannah (GA) Book Festival

March 7 – Louisiana Library Association

May 2 – Mystery Writers of America Edgar Award Banquet, NYC

July 18-21 – Theakston’s Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival — Harrogate, England
(more information coming later)

Aug. 29-Sept. 2 – LoneStarCon (World Science Fiction Convention) San Antonio, TX

Sept. 19-22 – Bouchercon, Albany, NY

Oct. 10-13 – NYC Comic Con, Jacob K. Javits Center (exact dates to come later)

As you can see, I’m not touring for DEAD EVER AFTER, but there will be more details to come on each scheduled event.

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  1. Huh, we were just talking about this yesterday and I was sure she’d want to tour for the final Sookie book.

  2. I guess she figures it’s the final book. Fans will either buy it or not. She seems to be really done with Sookie. I’m sure she will be asked about the book at the these events, but I guess she wants to give away as little as possible about what’s in it. CH–the master of suspense.

  3. Sounds like she knows people aren’t going to like how she’s ending the series and wants so avoid a backlash.

    • Sounds to me more like she is busy with her other projects, which are many, and that the schedule didn’t allow for a final tour for Sookie. I wish people would stop reading negative into this news. We like to support Charlaine and her work because she gave us such a fantastic journey for so many years. Also, she’s a great author!

  4. I heard last year that she would not tour with 13. I was determined to try to catch her on book tour for 12…I was beyond excited when she came to my city! She is very funny and charming. My impression was that she’s a bit Sookied out. DEA has been written…the end…what more can she say. She has a great body of work and will be talking about all her books with her appearances next year. She’s moved on with a new book that I think is going to be MIDNIGHT PAWN? Maybe Harper makes a cameo?