True Blood Season 6 Premiere Date Has NOT Been Announced Yet

True Blood Season 6 Premiere Date Has NOT Been Announced Yet

Recently we’ve been seeing references to June 9, 2013 as the premiere date for True Blood season 6, which was puzzling because we haven’t seen any such announcement from HBO. We checked with the fine folks at the network about the rumor, and if we’d missed a memo, and were told “No firm date is set, so [that date is] not true.”

As much as we wish we were heading back to Bon Temps in early June, HBO has NOT yet set the premiere date for season 6. As soon as they do, we’ll let you know!

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  1. Thank you for the clarification. Saw that premiere date on a reputable site, too :( I did get my hopes up a bit, but I knew you all would address it… why did I go anywhere else!

  2. The earliest I figured it would stat would be June 23rd and that is only because if they follow the way it was done before with it premiering the week after the Game of Thrones finally. And that would still have to be if Game of Thrones had its 12 shows and no breaks in between.

    So I am hoping that is what happens and it is no later than that because I am really dieing for this season to start.

    • But GOT only has 10 episodes per season, which is where the June 9 date has come from, I suspect.

      • Yup your right. Sorry I thought they were 12 episodes like True Blood us to be. Well then I guess that makes it better it hopefully will start on June 9th then, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

  3. well actually according to the official hbo website it say 105days

    • Can you post the link where you see that? I’m not seeing any sort of countdown on

  4. can’t wait … can’t wait! Although I’m very curious how will the authors do without A. Ball and Bill’s transformation …

    I would also like to see more Sookie – Eric chemistry than in season 5 … I missed their love-hate relationship :)

  5. Mystical Wellendorff

    I want to see it soon!!!!! i cant wait anymore? the suspense is killing me. What is going to happen to Sookie and Bill and Eric?

  6. i honestly can not wait the walking dead and GOT can only sate me for so long! I’m worrying so much about the character’s changes in the next season considering Mr. Ball leaving and now rumors of the current showrunner stepping out

  7. schedule :) :

    • Lisa all they are saying is what we’ve been saying here all along – True Blood season 6 returns this summer. There is no return date.