SPOILERS: Casting Call for True Blood 6.06 Hints At Season 7!

SPOILERS: Casting Call for True Blood 6.06 Hints At Season 7!

A new vampire is coming to True Blood, and along with the a hint at new romance for a certain redhead comes a reference to a seventh season!

True Blood is casting a new, recurring vampire, Wes, who debuts in episode 6.06 (title TBA). According to the casting call, Wes was turned in the 1970s when he was in his mid 20′s. He is described as “sexy, smart, compassionate, and protective”. He plays the guitar, and he’ll be involved in a love triangle with Jason and “another vampire” (this has to be Jessica, right?). Wes has a recurring role in season 6 and will be upgraded to series regular in season 7. Casting agents are looking at all ethnicities; some rear nudity is involved.

HBO has not officially announced a seventh season for True Blood, but barring the ratings completely tanking, I’d say we’ll be back in Bon Temps in June 2014 (along with Wes).

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  1. I thought that Trueblood had been signed up for 7 seasons for ages!!

  2. :) to the strong possibility of season 7. I hope you guys will keep this site up until the very end!

    They do like their love triangles lol. I guess that means Jason is going to get over his vamp hate, or at least for one particular vampire!

  3. What if the triangle didn’t involve Jessica? Jason knows another female vampire…

  4. Giggle…maybe it’s with Steve Newlin. I’d love to see a vamp like Felipe DeCastro in TB.

  5. That’s good news. One more year of unexpected goodness.

  6. Why cant i watch anymore of the podcasts? Did u guys change something?

    • Nope, nothing’s changed and they are playing fine for me. We haven’t done one in a while because there has been nothing really to talk about, but the podcasts that we’ve already done are available and still working.

  7. Personally I can’t imagine them not being able to at the very least get a season 7, and it would be completely within reason (so long as the show continues to be as incredible without AB at the helm) to think they could eek out all 13 seasons (one per book of course) of the show. The sticking point would be that they can’t lose Anna Paquin Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard, Kristen Baur Van Stratten, Sam Trammel, or any of the other core cast members. If any of these leave the show there is no way that another season would work. I mean there is no True Blood without Sookie/Bill/Eric/Sam if you ask me. And Pam is such a fan fav that the show really could not be what it is without her.

    Please note that I apologize for not being on here (or at least not posting) in some time. I got a new computer and it keeps saying this site is a “risk to my network” LOL I know better but the stupid Windows 8 that came with it doesn’t.