Carrie Preston Says True Blood Season 6 Goes At “Breakneck Speed” {PHOTOS}

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ETOnline interviewed Carrie Preston at the NewNowNext awards a couple of weeks ago, where she presented alongside Happy Ending‘s Adam Pally. Carrie shared a little about the structure of the new season of True Blood, working with a new showrunner, and what’s next for Terry and Arlene.

ETonline: Lots of behind the scenes changes coming into season six, with the exodus of showrunner Alan Ball and a shortened episode order. How do you think all of that has played into what we’ll see on screen?
Carrie Preston: There’s a different energy without Alan, but the showrunner now has been with us from the beginning, so there’s a solid continuity to the storytelling. But I do think both of those things have given us a new spring in our step. All the actors are reinvesting in the show. As for the 10 episodes, I think it makes everything tighter. They still have to get everything they wanted to do into two less episodes, so it’s got a real breakneck speed this season.

ETonline: Between acting as a fairy doula and exorcising her son, Arlene really dealt with a lot of supernatural elements last season. Will we see a more accepting version of her this year?
Preston: Each year her eyes open a little wider and she becomes a little less narrow-minded. I think that’s good for the show — and for me as an actor [laughs]. She does represent the small town mentality so I think that’s important to keep a little bit to contextualize what the vampires mean to this town.

ETonline: She also represents the human element in Bon Temps. Do you still stand by your statement that Arlene should never become a supernatural?
Preston: Oh yes. And with people dying or leaving the show or being turned into supernatural creatures, there’s fewer and fewer humans by the episode, so I feel like I’m now the special one on the show because I don’t have any powers.

ETonline: What can you say about season six?
Preston: We pick up right where we left off, and then a million other storylines get introduced. Every time I come to the table read there are 15 people I’ve never seen before … and will never work with [laughs]. But I’ll see them at the wrap party.

ETonline: So Arlene and Terry will very much be dealing with the murder of Patrick at the start?
Preston: Yes, there are major emotional ramifications for what went down. I mean, we killed somebody.

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  1. Madeleine

    May 3, 2013 at 2:21 pm

    and then a million other storylines get introduced.

    Oh-oh … so there will be at least one constant : people will complain about too many side-stories and too many characters ….
    Breackneck speed sounds good though, even if it means the week will be especially long and tedious. I can hardly wait! 😉