Salon Review Sheds Light on Bill’s New Powers

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In their rather condescending review of True Blood season 6, Salon stops sneering long enough to provide some actual information about Bill’s new powers:

Meanwhile, Bill, thanks to drinking some of OG vampire Lillith’s blood, has developed so many new superpowers he thinks he might be god. He can move things with his mind, enter people’s house’s uninvited, survive a stake to a chest, and see the future. In one of his visions of he sees his vampire pals being mass exterminated in gas chamber-like rooms, but with the sun instead of Zyklon B. … He decides he must put a stop to this. Presumably, despite their differences, and as always, Bill and Eric will eventually team up to stop the bigoted humans.

Telekinesis? Unstakeable? Visions? Now that sounds interesting, especially since humans have declared war on vampires. With all of those extra powers, will Bill even want to go back to “normal”?

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