True Blood Radio 206: Who Are You, Really? + Jamie Gray Hyder Interview

True Blood Radio 206: Who Are You, Really? + Jamie Gray Hyder Interview

True Blood is back! This week on True Blood Radio we’re discussing the season 6 premiere, “Who Are You, Really?”, and speculating about what’s next. Plus we have an exclusive interview with Jamie Gray Hyder, the werewolf who tried to take Rikki’s spot as Alcide’s #1 and who might not be as docile as she seems.

Things We Mentioned:

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  1. Great podcast, girls.

  2. From previews and various other things I have seen I have came up with this theory:
    The “work” that Lilith is referring to when talking to Bill is trying to find a way to walk into the sun. This is because in season 5 it mentioned Lilith was killed by the sun, and in the previews there is a clip of Jessica holding badly burnt bill. I believe he will attempt to walk in the sun in the next episode but it will burn him, and that the reason he wants Sookie and visits her is because he wishes to synthesise and test upon fairy blood in order to find a way to walk in the sun. I think that the opening of the blood factory by the governor is sort of setting this up and that Bill may use that same factory for his work.

  3. Nice recap ladies, I think Lafayette will be the one who dies this season…that will cause a lot of grief because most of the town does love him. I see Billith doing lillith bidding most of the first part of the season then in the later parts doing more things that Bill wants and ultimately helping to stop Warlow. Warlow will be someone we have met before and I know Rutger Hauer is Niall but I still think he is M. Warlow too…how they make a faerie into a vampire we will find out but I just feel this is what Warlow is. Yes, I definitely think Eric will be invited back in to Sookie’s home but probably not until the finale.

  4. The walking in the sun will save the vamps from the humans…

    • I think that’s not going to work. Sookie’s blood doesn’t (not for long) synthesizing her blood (or even hunting down part-faries) seems pointless to me. They would need a fullblooded faery for that, where to find one?
      It looks like Billith can, but I think it’s a deceit. Even if he can – how could he share that with his fellow Vampires? And would he do that?

  5. I think the light that came out of Sookie’s mouth is the faerie in her. During the last scene of 5.12, Bill told Sookie, “Why? Because the light you bear? Did you ever consider the possibility that it’s a handicap? One that blinds you to the most obvious of truths? That you are an abomination. Just like the Vampire Bible states.” I took this last year as her being part fae and the premiere with him seeing the light kind of solidified that. Maybe??? :)

  6. When is the next PodCast for “the Sun”??? I need it in my life!!