Rutina Wesley Covers Rolling Out Magazine

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True Blood star Rutina Wesley is the cover story in the latest issue of Rolling Out magazine where she talks about her excitement working on the show, maintaining a happy marriage in Hollywood, dealing with fans and critics alike, and stereotyping.

“I’ve always let the writers do what they do and I just go to work and act. I’ve never really complained about anything and I’ve just let it be and tried to do my best to act it out appropriately and make sure Tara has layers and she’s not just an ‘angry black woman,’ ” Wesley explains. “She has definitely got her reasons for being so defensive. I try to create layers so that the audience can see this is a wounded girl. Hopefully people get that, some people don’t.”

That ‘angry black woman’ criticism stings Wesley at her core—as a black woman andas an actress.  “I’m like ‘Can you not see her vulnerability?’” Wesley says.  “That makes me feel [like] I’m not doing a great job as an actor. Or are they just not seeing other scenes where I’m, like, crying? We can stereotype ourselves and that’s really not fair.”

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  1. Rina

    June 22, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    Awesome interview with Rutina.