Anna Paquin on Sookie Taking Control of Her Relationships

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The Wrap has a brief new interview with True Blood star Anna Paquin, in which she addresses the seemingly never-ending question of Sookie’s romantic choices, and why sometimes you just have to walk away.

“You can’t watch the same person make the same relationship mistakes over and over again without at some point expecting that they’re going to learn from what’s happened and eventually have to close some doors,” Paquin told TheWrap.

“In the case of both Bill and Eric, they’re people that she legitimately has incredibly strong feelings for, and it’s really quite painful to realize that you actually need to walk away,” she continued. “There can also be something very empowering about that.”

Anna also talks a bit about the Stackhouse siblings acquiring a new family member and why Sookie is drawn to Ben. Read the full interview here.

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