True Blood Round Table Discussion: “You’re No Good”

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Once again I join with the great minds at TV Fanatic for a discussion on True Blood episode 6.03, “You’re No Good”. This week we analyse Willa Burrell, Jason’s malady and more. Grab a cuppa and join us!


What did you make of Eric’s newest fan, Willa? Is he simply using her? Or did you sense some chemistry there?
Chris: Eric can be cold and brutal, but we have seen him have a spot in his heart for the damsel in distress (i.e. Sookie.) So while I think he initially kidnapped her for leverage, I can see him having to face a tough decision at some point as his feelings for her grow.

Leigh: There was definitely more chemistry between him and Willa than there was with him and Ginger! Yes, I think Eric will end up hooking up with Willa. That scene in the coffin was slightly erotic.

Liz: I wouldn’t be surprised if she wanted to become vampire, but right now I think she just wants whatever will hurt her father. It was pretty obvious he didn’t care about her at all, and I think Willa is more like her mother, or at least wants to be. I don’t think she is a love interest for Eric, but he’s a fascination for her. On a side note, I loved the parallel between Bill’s progeny (Jessica) and Eric’s (Pam). Children arguing with their parents!




Who are you more in agreement with on these five points? Add your comments below!



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  1. Madeleine

    July 3, 2013 at 10:48 am

    I’m not so sure Willa wants to become a Vampire or even likes them. It’s imaginable she stayed with her dad out of her own free will and blames her mom for destroying the family. It was shrewd how she hindered Eric from glamouring her at Fangtasia, is she stalling? She knows a lot about her dad’s plans, why would she stay with him if she doesn’t like what he’s doing? She’s not a child, she has a choice. And she has enough leverage to destroy her father’s career, all that makes me wondering if she is what she seems to be or if she has ulterior motives.
    I’m getting the impression Jason might be the main character who gets killed off, there’s something seriously wrong with him.
    My favourite scene was the one with Holly and Andy, I like the thought of them getting back together. And the “hand lasers” comment was hilarious. Almost as funny as Ginger grabbing Eric by the collar. 😉