Lauren Bowles on Surviving Bon Temps + True Blood Season 7

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ETOnline has a new interview with True Blood co-star Lauren Bowles (Holly) who reveals a little about this week’s episode and how the season finale is setting us up for season 7.

ETonline: What are you excited for fans to see in Sunday’s episode?
Bowles: To really see what happens to everybody when they’re in survival mode – through that, their [sense of] community really comes out. You have to band together otherwise you’re a goner. For me, it was really fun to see who teams up, how they do it and how they survive. There are so many dynamics at play because this is like survival mode on steroids.

ETonline: Does that allow you to work with actors you’ve yet to?
Bowles: Yes! It’s so funny that you can be on a show with all these people and only see them at the table reads. Without giving anything away, I will say that the battle really allows every character to align with people you wouldn’t expect. It’s all coming to a head and towards the end of the season, you’ll see a lot less separateness as the show moves towards something that’s more like what it started as. And then the finale is crazy. I mean, insane. The whole show blows up and it’s such a great starting point for next year. I almost would say, more than any other year, this finale sets up a totally exciting and very new feeling season.

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Yet another (unofficial) confirmation of True Blood season 7, along with a terrific tease about seeing Bon Temps come together to survive…something. Billith? If Holly and Andy are involved, my guess is that they’re protecting Andy’s daughters from Bill and Jessica. Based on the previews and other spoilers, they may not be entirely successful

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  1. valady1

    July 14, 2013 at 5:29 am

    I wish HBO would make it official and announce there will in fact be a season 7. I have enjoyed this season more than the entire season 5. I’m watching the episodes over again, something I only did last season with the final episode.