Robert Kazinsky on The Big Reveal in “At Last”

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Right up until the beginning of last night’s episode, Truebies were split over the question of whether Ben and Warlow were the same entity. While a majority thought Ben was Warlow, a good number of Truebies were undecided and a fair number thought Ben was just working for Warlow (which, technically…). Fortunately we got our answer right off the top of “At Last”: Ben is Warlow.

Access Hollywood talked with Robert Kazinsky about finding out his character’s real identity and what Warlow’s true motives are. It’s an interesting read, if only for his insistence that Warlow really is a good guy.

Access: Because Warlow is part fairy, maybe it’s not such a bad thing for Sookie because he’ll emphathize with her.

Rob: You have to remember that everything that Ben says to Sookie in the previous three episodes is true. He is not faking how he feels. He is not faking what he has said, he is being absolutely honest. However, coming and meeting a woman and saying, ‘Hi! We’re meant to get married. I killed your parents. I’m a vampire,’ is not gonna go down as planned. The idea was to create the character of Ben to earn her trust and then perhaps later on to be able to explain who he was and now, unfortunately, because of his own sense of conscience and generosity, he has been outed and fireworks are about to go off.

Access: Can we not trust his feelings for Sookie since he has that other side pulling at him?

Rob: Imagine a drug addict who is surrounded by his drug all day long. He hates himself every single time he indulges and he has to fight against his every single urge to take that drug. That is Warlow. He is a junkie who is trying his best and has been trying for thousands of years to be clean. It is a constant struggle within himself to manage the darker impulses that he has. He knows what is right and wrong and that’s the difference between a lot of the vampires on the show. [With Warlow], you have a victim and vampire in the same body.

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Kudos to Rob for keeping such a massive secret and finding a way to give a ton of interviews anyway. Sure, we were suspicious, and we still don’t think Warlow is the brilliant match for Sookie that Rob does, but he accomplished a mighty tricky feat there. How will this all play out? Will Sookie change her mind once she gets to know the “real” Ben/Warlow?

Man, this season is fantastic.

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