TRUE BLOOD PANEL AT COMIC CON 2013: Transcript of Live Blog

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Although we still have the Twitter feed going from the Comic Con live blog that Mel did, the tweets from the panel have become lost in the days following, with all the chatter from the episode and other things going on. So we thought it best to list those tweets so you all have a clear vision of the hour in Ballroom 20. We’re still waiting for HBO to post the video from that day so we can share it with you, but until then enjoy Mel’s handiwork. Remarks in parentheses are my own.

  • Introducing the cast. Lots of cheers. No Skarsgard or Moyer, FYI.  (Moyer is working on “Chicago” and Skarsgard was in Sweden.)
  • Q. Now that Anna’s husband is playing a god, what’s he like at home? A. I’m Agnostic, so I get to choose if I acknowledge him.
  • Ryan: There’s a lot more in store for Jason this season. He likes to think he’s Rambo, but he fails. Miserably.
  • What is it that is so attractive about Sam Merlotte? Sam: *laughs* I don’t know. He’s kind of dangerous. (Seriously, a moderator asked that question?)
  • Sam explained his relationship with Nicole: “They’re sharing grief right now.”
  • Sam is messing with the wrong people right now. Alcide is not a small guy! (No comment.)
  • Tara is becoming a protector and big sister of sorts to certain characters. Rutina won’t reveal if Tara & Jessica form a stronger alliance.
  • Lala should maybe have a shut off switch for people jumping into his body, says Nelsan. (I just know that’s going to be a line in an upcoming episode. It’s got to be!)
  • Nelsan watched all the scenes with Sookie’s dad to pick up mannerisms and imitate him.
  • Deborah Ann Woll says, “It’s going to take a long time for Jessica to forgive herself, plus we have Andy out there who can’t be happy with her.”
  • Joe (Mangeniello) says Alcide is still a great, nice hearted guy, he just has the worst job in the world and it’s driving him nuts. Except for the three-ways. (Mmhmm, we’ll see.)
  • Michael McMillian refers to Sarah’s love life as Tramp Camp. Lol!
  • Sarah is focused on ridding the world of vampires right now, but we will see Sarah & Jason encounter each other again, says Anna Camp. (Hopefully, when Jason takes her down once and for all.)
  • Is there any part of Steve Newlin that has any pride? He has a vendetta after seeing Eric stake Russell in front of him last season, says Michael McMillian.
  • Could there be a Team Warlow? This room seems to think so. (Fans on Twitter agree.)
  • Is one side stronger than the other in Warlow? It depends on the time of day and the body’s need for blood, says Robert Kazinsky. (Great question!)
  • Sookie’s parents trying to kill her – Anna P. deadpans, “Yeah, that’s upsetting.”
  • Sookie is wary but drawn to Warlow.
  • Anna thinks Sookie’s parents were doing what they thought was best at the time. (I think we said that too in our last podcast.)
  • Show is returning to its roots in Bon Temps as the season progresses, drawing characters and story lines together. (Purpose of Terry’s death, we think.)
  • Anna P. offers up a little behind-the-scenes story on a scene with her and Ryan Kwanten involving a shirtless Jason doing pullups in the doorway. Anna would delay her cue a bit when Ryan was doing pull ups, just to mess with him. Siblings!
  • The line ‘if you’re going to stand there, you might want to count for me’ was ad libbed because Anna lingered in the scene. (Mel talks about this in this week’s podcast.)
  • Has being the boss gone to Buckner’s head? Resounding no from the cast. They clearly adore him.
  • Sam on the run in sketchy hotels, weres can smell them so they are running. Sometimes shirtless.
  • Rutina: Tara gets a kick out of being a vampire when her mother is a devout Christian. Tara is definitely enjoying being a vampire more now than at the beginning.
  • Rhianna and all the makeup they put on him get Nelsan into Lafayette mode. And now he’s modeling his scarf a la Lala. 🙂  (Photos of that here.)
  • Deborah Ann Woll thinks Fae blood brings a bit of humanity back when a vampire drinks it, and Jessica misses that.
  • Is Pam going to have sibling rivalry with Willa? Well, Pam doesn’t play well with others, she’s never had to share Eric before, so…
  • Kristin misses Pam’s outfits on the one hand, but on the other hand the prison garb was really comfy.
  • Does Sarah still have feelings for her gay vampire husband? Anna says yes. And now she and Michael McMillian are riffing as Steve & Sarah.
  • But is Steve still carrying a torch for Jason? ‘Oh yeah,’ McMillian answers immediately. ‘That flame will never go out.’
  • Kazinsky thought the shaving scene was a hazing thing with Ryan. He didn’t think it was really going to be in the show.
  • Ryan made me feel like a lady, says Rob. So gentle. Used just the right amount of tongue. Ryan is blushing.
  • Ryan says that type of scene is so normal now, he didn’t think much of it beforehand but Rob was kind of freaking out.
  • McMillan’s fav scene of all time is the BBQ in season 2. Anna P’s fav is the fight with Debbie Pelt because she was against someone her own size.
  • Anna P. talks more about Sookie: ‘Sookie is done being a doormat.’ Anna is glad she’s finally learning from all the exciting, weird things that have happened to her.
  • Buckner wants to ‘bring it in a little bit’ with regards to cast/characters and focus on the small town again.

And there you have it lovelies!


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  1. kim

    July 23, 2013 at 10:49 pm

    So, Jason tries to be Rambo, and fails miserably. That can’t be too good for Jessica, since we see him saying he’s here to rescue her.