Rolling Stone Chats with Anna Camp About her First On Screen Murder

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Rolling Stone sat down with True Blood returning star Anna Camp after last week’s episode  to talk about her epic fight with Ms. Suzuki and the joys of returning to the show.

In the earlier season that you were on, did you see the potential for the character to go this way?
I always did. I always felt that there was something unresolved at the end of Season Two. I never got to go to the vampire-human war that took place in the church that season and I was always really bummed out. I wanted her to get some stuff done and the fact that it finally came around this season, I was so thankful. I always thought she was hiding something behind that calm, quiet exterior. She shoots Jason [Stackhouse] at the end of the season with a paintball gun or whatever – I think that was a hint at what was underneath. They’re ripping off the layers this season. You get to see everything.

It’s amazing to think you were bummed that she didn’t get to go to the “vampire-human war.”
I was! I got that script at that time and was like “aww, man, she’s still on the highway!” I always wanted to know what happened to her.

When did you get wind that you were coming back to the show?
They tried to get me back for Season Five. But just for a little bit. But I was shooting The Good Wife at the time and couldn’t get away. This past season, some things started happening with The Mindy Project and that character wasn’t quite going the way they said it was going to go and I got sorta released – I asked to be released from that contract. I think True Blood got wind of that and they called me up right away and said “do you want to come back?” And I said “heck yeah I’ll come back. I’d love to.”

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