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This week’s Throwback Thursday is from Season 4 when Eric was drunk on fairy blood and could walk in the sun. Sookie and Alcide went to get Eric because if he died Pam would kill her (and we all know she would have). Eric was a little looney and wanted to fight Alcide, who resisted at first but then gave in. Eric had his fangs out and Alcide was growling and just as it was going to get good Eric started steaming and didn’t feel good.  This scene was so fun and The Vamp and Wolf were super hot in the lake (did I forget to mention they were naked? Shame on me). I’ve never wanted to be in a lake more than I did watching that scene. Hopefully this post will bring a little heat as a break from all of this cold weather. Bundle up and stay warm Truebies!


I’m a social butterfly who loves True Blood! I am a correspondent for I love Vampires and supernatural shows. In my head Lafayette is my best friend and Alcide is my boyfriend. Ha!
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  1. emax

    January 9, 2014 at 7:55 pm

    LOVED IT !!!!!!