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Happy Thursday Truebies! Today’s flashback is one of the most memorable scenes in True Blood history in my opinion. It is from Season 3, episode 9 when Russell Edgington went crazy on a live newscast. It started with a newscaster reporting the recent poll showing support of the Vampire Rights Amendment. Russell came up behind the newscaster and ripped out his spine like it was nothing. Then he screamed “Do Not turn off that camera!” Now that he had everyone’s attention he made it very clear that Vampires are not like Humans (going against everything the American Vampire League stood for). He said he was the true face of Vampires and asked why they would seek equal rights when human were not their equals. After his bone chillin speech, he playfully said in his southern drawl, “Now time for the weather, Tiffany?”russell news 2

Woo! I had goosebumps to the core after that scene! Dennis O’Hare sold that scene! What did you think? Did you love it?

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