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It’s Throwback Thursday Truebies! This week we are flashing back to season 5 when the Reverend Steve Newlin showed up at Jason’s door sporting new fangs. Seeing him as a vampire was shocking enough, but he also professed his love (and lust) for Jason. Wow! He went from a Vampire-hating leader of the Fellowship of the Sun, to a gay Jason Stackhouse loving vampire. Hilarious! That was a twist I never saw coming and I loved it!

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  1. emax

    February 7, 2014 at 1:24 pm

    I think the writers on the show gave Steve Newlin such a great storyline …. a departure from Charlaine’s Steve…but so well written…..and Micheal portrayed him excellent !!! For me vampire Steve was a great asset to the show …… and bless him what a wonderful exit he made !!!!! Loved it !!!!!