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It’s Thursday Truebies! That means it’s time for Throwback Thursday! Remember Amy? I loved her and it’s not just because I am a Lizzy Caplan fan, but even though she was a little out there, she always saw the good in Jason. One of my favorite Amy and Jason moments was when they had a very intense sexual night together on V and they were so deeply connected. Neither of them had ever felt anything like it before. Jason was vulnerable and she called him wise. He said,”C’mon, nobody that knows me calls me wise.” She replied, “Then nobody knows you.” So sweet! But the shocker of this scene was when she revealed that they never had sex at all, in fact they barely touched each other (even though she was topless). Jason couldn’t believe it! That’s how good V was. She said, “I told you it was better than sex.”  And from the looks of them, I think she may have been right. Happy Thursday!


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