Jamie Gray Hyder (Danielle) to Guest on “Graceland”

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True Blood’s Jamie Gray Hyder, who played Danielle for the last couple of seasons, landed a recurring role on USA Network’s “Graceland“. According to The Wrap, Jamie “will play Lucia, who doesn’t let her tough exterior go unnoticed and has no patience for idiots. She’s trying to live a normal life as a grad student, but she keeps getting pulled back into the family’s drug business by her psychotic brother, Carlito (Erik Valdez). Lucia often finds herself cleaning up the messes that Carlito and his reckless friends make. She’s skeptical of Tuturro (Manny Montana) and his attempts to get close to her brother.”

If you remember, Danielle was the werewolf who challenged Rikki (Kelly Overton) for the role of Alcide’s mate.

You can read more about “Graceland” on their official website, and follow Jamie on Twitter (@JGHyder), and to listen to our little chat with Jamie, click on this link.

Congratulations, Jamie!



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