Flashback: Watch Teasers for Previous Seasons of True Blood

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Over on our Facebook page, some Truebies have been complaining about the teaser for True Blood season 7 that HBO released yesterday. “That’s not a trailer,” seems to be the most common outraged response. That’s true, it’s not a trailer, it’s a teaser … as is clearly stated in all of our, and HBO’s, references to the video.

Now, we know not everyone is as tuned into how HBO promotes its shows as Liz and I are, so we understand if you don’t remember that HBO releases a teaser that doesn’t contain any scenes from the show at this point every season. That just gives us the perfect excuse to revisit teasers from previous seasons!

(Oh, and in case you wondered, the first trailer (not teaser) for True Blood‘s final season will air Sunday, April 6 prior to the Game of Thrones season 4 premiere, as it has for the past few years. We will post it here as soon as it is available!)

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