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Hi Truebies! This week we are taking it back to 2010, before season three started. HBO released videos of older True Blood cast members (Truebies) interviewing new characters (Newbies) from Season 3. It was an awesome marketing strategy and I loved all the videos! My favorite was Anna Paquin interviewing Joe Manganiello. See it below and Enjoy!

To see all of the Truebies & Newbies videos check out Mel’s original post here.

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  1. emax

    May 23, 2014 at 5:12 pm

    To me this was the best marketed season ….. I loved the promos and the Drop of True Blood minisodes they released… Jason in the woods being followed by Crystal….Yevetta auditioning for dancing at Fangtasia … Jessica picking up truckers…Lafayette, Tara, and Sookie and Sookie’s beautiful purple dress…etc.. there were several I wish they had promoted the last 2 seasons that way … it really built up excitement for the next season … they added to the show’s story lines ….