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“For every human a vampire. For every vampire a human.”

Why so serious? True Blood usually isn’t this serious. Apocalyptic even, since small towns are being wiped out by marauding infected vampires. Is the battle for existence of Bon Temps the center of their final season? Appropriate, I suppose, but seriously, it was too serious for me. I didn’t laugh once, and True Blood always makes me laugh. Plus there was a lack of the trademark True Blood outrageousness.

Every season seems to start with death at Merlotte’s, which is now Bellefleur’s. Is Tara really dead? If she is, that makes me glad that the touching scene in last season’s finale between Tara and Lettie Mae was genuine, but wow. There was a strong suggestion that Lettie Mae was seeing Tara — are there ghosts in Bon Temps again? And if they’re killing off main characters, what hope is there for Arlene, Holly, the very pregnant Nicole and Jane Bodehouse, who are currently locked up in Eric’s “prison” in the Fangtasia basement?

Most of this episode centered quite effectively around the Bellefleurs, father and daughter, and the Comptons, father and daughter, which was also all about the human/vampire survival pairing thing. Bill is the old Bill, like Billith never happened, and he even offered to sacrifice himself for Andy, despite Andy’s completely understandable lack of forgiveness.

But Jessica was the real story. She was so determined to keep Adilyn alive that she nearly burst into flames in the Bellefleur front yard, ready to redeem herself with death. I thought it was lovely that Adilyn finally let Jessica into the house to save her, and even drank a little of Jessica’s blood so that Jessica would always know where Adilyn was. I’m sure that little plot set-up will return later in the season.

My second favorite scene in this episode was the pairing of Jessica’s laidback vampire honey James and the emotionally exhausted and numb Lafayette, who just lost his cousin Tara. It was so sweet the way that Lafayette and James connected, and James telling Lafayette how he became a vampire was surprisingly moving. I barely noticed that there was a new actor playing James, probably because he plays Jackson on The Originals so it felt like he belonged on a vampire show. The resemblance is strong, too (Luke Grimes as James from last season on the left, Nathan Parsons as James now, on the right.)


(Okay, so Nathan Parsons plays a werewolf in The Originals. It’s still a vampire show, isn’t it?)

In other news, Sookie and Alcide have been together six months, although I keep feeling that the relationship is temporary and I’ve been wondering about the mind-reading thing. Wasn’t that why Sookie couldn’t date humans? In the books, it’s made pretty clear that weres and shifters are much harder to mind read than humans, but I don’t think that’s ever been discussed in this series. And what’s with Alcide? Everyone was blaming Sookie for the vampire apocalypse, and Alcide was thinking it, too?

At least they had make-up sex before the episode ended, with lots of sexy True Blood nudity. (But all I could think of was that since Stephen Moyer directed this episode, Anna Paquin’s husband was directing her having sex with another guy.) The Jason/Violet coupling was even more graphic and a bit more fun. I guess Violet was just waiting for Jason to demand instead of ask. But she made him wait six months? Really? Clearly, vampires don’t see time the way humans do.

While the episode moved quickly and I liked it, I was most disappointed with the extreme lack of Eric Northman. At least his devoted Pam is looking for him in Marrakesh, and I loved the Indiana Jones Deer Hunter Russian roulette scene with the two vampires standing in big buckets for easy clean-up. I hope she finds him soon. It’s not True Blood for me without Eric.

Bits and pieces:

— Skarsgard is no longer in the cast, and wow, does that make me unhappy. Rutina Wesley was, though. Is Tara really dead?

— As mentioned above, this episode was directed by Stephen Moyer. He did a good job.

— Bellefleur’s has a fleur-de-lis logo. That worked out so well for the French royal family.

— I really liked that Willa stayed with the Rev and Lettie Mae. Even though it wasn’t stated out loud, Willa was Tara’s vampire sister. And now she has a home in the church basement.

— Kevin the deputy was a continuing character in the books, and it looks like he just bit the dust, too.

— James was a Viet Nam draft dodger and pacifist, and after his best friend was killed, his friend’s father beat James to death with a baseball bat. That was heavy.

— Vince, who was Sam’s opponent in the race for mayor, saw Sam as a dog turning into his human form. And wow, Vince did not like it, and there are definitely vigilante vibes going on there.


James: “I like your place.”
Lafayette: “Yeah. It’s got a certain ghetto je ne sais quoi.”

Lafayette: “You are one metaphysical fuck.”

Pam: “While your daughter does look delicious, I’ll pass.”

So what did you think? I’m pretty much on board, although Pam had darned well find Eric soon,

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  1. Steph

    June 23, 2014 at 10:48 am

    Why, why, why, are folks blaming Sookie for the hep V vamps? She had nothing to do with creating the it! It was Burrell. Also, technically, wouldn’t Willa and Tara have been aunt and niece not sisters. Great Pam scenes. I’m looking forward to next weeks episode:)

    • April

      June 23, 2014 at 3:26 pm

      I don’t understand it either. Sookie is being blamed for what’s happening because of her relationships with vampires, but the fact is she had nothing to with. Neither did any of the vampires she’s been associated with. It was ALL Truman and Sarah Newlin.

    • Traci West

      June 23, 2014 at 4:48 pm

      Why is Sookie being blamed for the Hep-V vampires? Because she’s been Bon Temps’ official whipping girl since the moment people realized she was…different. Had an argument with your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse? Take it out on Sookie, the local freak! That’s what she’s there for! They wouldn’t do it if she didn’t deserve it! (sarcasm alert) The citizens of Bon Temps are simply running true to form. Though I must admit, when she said that in spite of the hatred for her that she hears in their thoughts, she loves almost all of them, I said to myself, “She’s just proved herself to be the most Christian person in that church!”

    • Mel

      June 23, 2014 at 7:01 pm

      Because they’re grieving and angry and scared and they need a scapegoat and Sookie is “different”. It’s one of the ugliest sides of human nature, and it hurts to see it aimed at Sookie. (This is also a thematic connection to the last 2 books.)

  2. Laney

    June 23, 2014 at 4:44 pm

    Im confused about the comment that Alex Skarsgard isn’t in the cast. What do you mean Billie? He is in the cast although his name did not appear in the opening credits. Im guessing this is due to the fact that he did not appear in last night’s premiere. Am I correct? Also I dont think we have seen the last of Tara. The only indicator that she died was Lettie Mae sitiing in a pile of goo crying “they killed my Tara”. We know Lettie Mae isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed so maybe….I also hate to think that after everything Tara went through she would be denied a bit of lasting happiness. What was the point of her being turned? Just to have someone else murder her all over again? Im very bummed out about this.

  3. Traci West

    June 23, 2014 at 4:52 pm

    Here’s what’s confusing me: throughout the series, we’ve seen the metaphysical bond that exists between maker and progeny. A maker can give a command to his/her progeny (“As your maker, I command you”), and said progeny is compelled to obey. We also know that Pam knew Tara was trying to kill herself by locking herself in a tanning bed, and knew exactly where to find her to stop her. So how is it possible that Pam didn’t know Tara had met the True Death? Or is it just more evidence that Tara didn’t really die?

    • Mel

      June 23, 2014 at 6:59 pm

      As I explained elsewhere, Pam’s “everything I touch, dies” comment was a reference to Tara. I think it was too subtle, even for “my happy face and my mad face are the same” Pam, but perhaps we’ll see more of a reaction from her once she’s fed and/or found Eric. (Rutina Wesley has stated in multiple interviews that Tara IS dead. We may see her again in some form – flashback, channeled via a medium – but Tara is dead.)

      • Traci West

        June 24, 2014 at 10:18 am

        You’re right; it’s waaay too subtle. I’m betting a lot of fans didn’t pick up on it. Perhaps we might see a flashback showing Pam’s reaction to Tara’s death. We can hope!

  4. Laney

    June 23, 2014 at 4:59 pm

    Good point Tracie. Surely we might have seen a reaction from Pam if her “child” had died.