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Happy Thursday Truebies! Still have a fangover from Sunday’s season premiere? I do! I’ve watched it several times and I’ve found I’m obsessed with the vampire T-shirt Lafayette was wearing (I gotta find it)! Anyway, back to the point. It’s Throwback Thursday..Yay! How much do we love Alan Ball? Tons! I’ve been thinking about him a lot this week so today we are taking it back to an exclusive interview our girls Mel and Liz had with him in 2009. It’s fangtastic! Now that True Blood is coming to an end it is important to pay homage to the man himself Mr. Alan Ball! Check it out Truebies!


(Mel) This is Mel and Liz with and today we are here with Alan Ball, the mastermind behind True Blood. How are you today?

(Alan) I’m very good. How are you guys doing?

(Mel) Great! We are so excited to get to talk to you.

(Alan) Well I’m excited to talk to you guys.

(Mel) The man who brought it to the big – to the small screen I guess, depending on how big your television is but –

(Alan) (laughing) Right! These days there’s not much difference.

(Mel) – Not really! So, what we want to know first off is what can you tell us about season 2? What can you set up for us as we endure this long wait?

(Alan) Hmmnnn…well we are using the second book, ah, as the basis for season 2. It’s a very exciting season. It’s very, um, there’s a lot going on with The Fellowship of the Sun, there’s a lot going on with the maenad, it’s you know – we’re just trying to remain as true to the books as we can and keep Charlaine’s world and spirit as intact as possible, and just keep doing, you know, doing what we did last year.

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