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Well since Alcide is on everyone’s mind this week it is only fitting that he is the subject of our Throwback Thursday. Do you remember when Alcide showed up on True Blood? I do! He was gorgeous (of course) and it was in Season 3. Eric sent him to protect Sookie. They had tea together and he told her about the bad werewolves in Jackson (and that his lady wolf broke up with him to be with the leader of those crazy wolves).

Then he took Sookie to Lou Pine’s (the Werewolf bar) because she wanted to see if she could get any information about Bill. One biker had some interesting thoughts, but when he tried to force himself on Sookie, Alcide showed us what he was made of and we have loved him ever since! I was so excited for the wolves to descend on season 3 and Alcide was the perfect wolf!

I'm a social butterfly who loves True Blood! I am a correspondent for I love Vampires and supernatural shows. In my head Lafayette is my best friend and Alcide is my boyfriend. Ha! #TrueToTheEnd #Truebie

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  1. emax

    July 12, 2014 at 11:58 am

    I remember !! Love Joe…..I loved Alcide ….I am sad he was killed off however he was protecting Sookie…and Eric did tell him to protect Sookie….Joe made the perfect Alcide !!!!