VIDEO: True Blood Episode 7.05 Preview + Screencaps

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Check out the preview for True Blood episode 7.05, “Lost Cause”, along with some choice screencaps below.


I’ve grouped the screencaps together by scene rather than how they appear in the preview. Here are the highlights:

  • Willa is still¬†angry with Eric for leaving her, and demandsto be released since he won’t take her to Dallas.
  • Sarah/Noomi is on the run, but who finds her first, the Yakuza or Eric & Pam?
  • At the mainstreaming party at Sookie’s house, Jessica and James appear to get in a fight, then Jessica goes in for a kiss with Jason. Or vice versa (kiss first, then fight).
  • Lettie Mae (we think) shows up at the party with a knife. Sam gets it away from her, but Nicole is still upset about something. Possibly related to the cramps she was having in the dungeon.
  • Pam covers Eric’s tell-tale veins as they get ready for the gala in Dallas, followed by Eric in a Stetson. You’re welcome.
  • Ginger screams atop a coffin again. You’re welcome.
  • Bill wakes up in the bathtub. You’re welcome.

“Lost Cause” premieres Sunday, July 20 at 9/8c on HBO.

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