Composer Nathan Barr on True Blood Musical and Being a TB Fanboy

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True Blood composer, Nathan Barr, talked with recently about the rumoured musical and how it came about. Surprisingly enough, he was inspired by a song he wrote for Sookie after Gran died. The song was “Take Me Home”, written and performed by Barr (cello) and by long time friend Lisbeth Scott. Nate was anxious for the song to be heard by everyone, and the idea for a two-hour stage musical was born. He brought the idea to Alan Ball who then helped him pitch it to HBO. “There are no guarantees at this point,” he admits.

The stage musical will deviate from the series in there won’t be maenads and were-things. “It’s more about finding the essence of what the story is about and if you look at it from that point of view, it actually becomes quite simple because a musical is two hours.”

Barr talks about how being a fan of True Blood first allowed him to write the music for the show that captured the heart of an episode. “If I can react as a fan,” he says, “Then it gives the music a chance to really be a part of the show in a way that’s going to be of the best benefit and please the audience.” Excellent plan, Nate, because we constantly get emails from fans who want to know the name of a piece that was created for a particular scene. People are touched by his music.

Nathan talks more about supporting Anna Paquin when she came out as bisexual, and the scene between Eric and Jason from earlier this season, in this exclusive.

I don’t know about you, but it tickles me to no end to hear another confirmation by the creative staff as being a big fan of True Blood.

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