Charlaine Harris Weighs in on True Blood Finale and New Aurora Teagarden Movies

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Charlaine Harris recently sat down with Vulture and talked about her views on the series finale of True Blood. She also talked about her new TV movie based on her popular Aurora Teagarden stories, starring Candace Cameron Bure as the lead character.

Did you know that, not only did Charlaine do a cameo on the show, but her kids did too? “My middle son, who is an actor, was on the show twice. He only spoke the first time, in the second season, when Sookie comes back to Bon Temps and everything’s crazy. My other son and his wife were in a bar scene last year. And my daughter was a sadistic nurse in the vamp camp. I got to speak during my scene at the bar, but then I was silent as a director. And much older, I might add! [Laughs.]”

Charlaine’s favorite True Blood character is still Lafayette. “Oh, for sure, Lafayette! Nelsan [Ellis]: Why he hasn’t gotten an Emmy, I don’t know. He was robbed. He’s brilliant, and he gave that character so much that was never in the books. People say, “Well, you killed him off in the books!” And I say, “Yeah, but he wasn’t the same Lafayette!” He’s much more fabulous in the TV show, and Nelsan gave him dimension and life and incredible lovable-ness that helped a lot of people relate to a character that they might not have related to in real life. There was just so much to him. He did deal drugs, but he was also a loving person. He was loyal to his family. He dabbled in magic. There’s a big system of checks and balances with Lafayette to make him seem [like] a real person. How could he not be your favorite? He was written beautifully.”

Other things Charlaine talked about were Bill’s death, Sookie’s faerie light ball vs. the cluviel dor, Jason’t were-panther storyline and more. She also touches on book-to-TV adaptations and the fan reaction to the finale. To read the entire interview simply click on this link!

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  1. Janise

    August 26, 2014 at 11:21 pm

    Bill’s suicide was the real bummer of the final. It really made no sense from a logical perspective. Sookie could have chosen in vitro fertilization and/or adoption married Bill and lived happily ever after. He can drink her blood and stay in sunlight on an as need basis to play with the kids for instance. Then after Sookie dies he could choose to continue to look over and protect generations of Sookie’s offspring (or off himself as well). That would have much more satisfying then the direction they choose for an attempt at dramatic effect. No thanks. The storyline of “using her powers resulting in turning Bill human” was another idea I liked perhaps even with the assistance of her old fairy ancestor showing up at the last minute. We deserved a happy ending for ALL the primary characters.

    • Mel

      August 26, 2014 at 11:58 pm

      It wasn’t just about Sookie wanting children. That was an important factor, but it wasn’t the ONLY factor. As Bill told Eric, all they could give her was darkness, and he didn’t want that for her. Bill also simply didn’t want to live any longer. He was never truly happy being a vampire, as we were shown and told repeatedly over the last seven seasons. He finally got to the point where, like Godric, he couldn’t bear to live the “undead life” anymore.

    • Rina

      August 29, 2014 at 1:30 am

      Yes, Bill and Sookie could have chosen to do all that, but the point is that they didn’t. Bill and Sookie are not you and don’t have to make the same choices as you would in the same situation. This story is about people who are different and make different choices than an average person.

      And that idea of Sookie turning Bill human with her fairy light ball came from the internet. It has nothing to do with the show’s canon.

  2. Larry

    August 29, 2014 at 12:50 pm

    I love Charlaine’s work and I’m happy that there are going to be movies about Aurora Teagarden. I would want a tv-series but I’m happy nevertheless, who knows maybe if the movies are successful they could do a tv-series.