FRIDAY FIVE: Things That Made Us Go “Aw!”

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When you think about True Blood, your mind almost automatically goes to blood and hot vampires. But at it’s core, True Blood was about relationships. And there was many moments that made all of us collectively go ‘Aaaaw.’ Let’s take a look at a few.

1.) Lafayette and Jesus. (And James.) Lafayette wasn’t looking for love when he went to check on his crazy mom at the assisted living facility, but he found it in Jesus. Regardless if they were simply encouraging each other when times were uncertain or tripping on V, you knew their love for one another was real anytime they were on screen together. When Jesus died, it looked like our beloved La La was doomed to be alone forever as a supporting character in Bon Tempts until James arrived. Their first real conversation and kiss on Sookie’s porch was touching, and I think we all cheered a little! His candor with Jessica after being discovered with James was real and heartbreaking, he was right; deserves happiness too. It looks like he found it with his laid back hippie vampire.

2.) Sookie and Bill. Even though she got her happy ending with Mr. Everyman, she shared some very touching moments with both of her nocturnal suitors. We’ll start with Vampire Bill. For the most part, we never doubted Bill’s love for Sookie, and he put his, err, second life on the line countless times for her. I think the beginning of their romance was my personal favorite. Between asking Gran if it was okay to call on her, to offing her lecherous Uncle to defend her honor, (perverse vampire justice, but I think we all cheered that one!) they shared many touching moments together.

3.) Sookie and Eric. Maybe it was as simple as the fairy blood in Sookie, but she was pure Catnip to Eric. From their first steamy kiss to his dreams, Sookie held a special place in the jaded viking vampire’s heart. When Sookie disappeared into the fae world and was gone for a year, Eric bought and remodeled her house. It seemed to be more of a way of his clinging to hope she’s return one day, and holding on to a piece of her. When he got his memory back and professed that the Eric she saw was real and that he loved her, we knew he was sincere. Even in the end when Eric realized he had to let her go, he was still protecting her from afar.

4.) Sam and…. everyone. Sam and Merlotte’s were the true staples of Bon Tempts. Sam was the guy with a true heart of gold. (Okay, 99.8% of the time at least.) His love and concern for Sookie, his brother, Lafayette, and Tara were apparent, and his puppy dog eyes got to me every time I saw the worry and concern on his face as he worried and fretted over his people.

5.) Jason and Hoyt. A true bromance if there ever was one. These guys grew up together, and the genuine feeling and camaraderie always made me feel good. When Hoyt left town after insisting his memory be wiped and Jason broke down, I broke down a little too. I was delighted to see Hoyt return, and despite not remembering anything, him and Jason picked up like they had never missed a beat.

So there you have it Trubies! What were your favorite Aw moments?


  1. Kells

    March 27, 2015 at 11:57 am

    What about when Godric meets the true death on the roof of the hotel? Sookie has a brief religious and human conversation with him. Even though he was a dangerous vampire, I actually cried during that scene. It showed true compassion.

  2. emax

    March 27, 2015 at 12:52 pm

    You’re 5 were great…all 5 were definitely “aw” …..I have 5 more as well….1- Pam and Jessica when Bill released her followed by of course Pam’s usual snark about her…2-Eric releasing Pam…tears were rolling at the pain of that….3- Andy and Terry cousins raised as brothers, genuine affection between the Bellfleur boys….4- Bill’s devotion to Jessica his vampire daughter I think Billith even felt some of that….5- Gran…bless her heart, looking out for Sookie even beyond the grave at times… friday 5 releasing your progeny ????

  3. Christina Venegas

    March 27, 2015 at 1:50 pm

    Season 7 episode 4 Death is not the end. Sookie had lots of aww moments in this episode, but when she finally gets to Arlene it was heartbreaking. I cry every time I watch it. In my opinion the best episode of the whole series. Anna Paquin did such an amazing job

  4. Michele Carter

    March 28, 2015 at 6:54 am

    When Eric told Sookie he would always remember her as the girl in the white dress who walked into his bar. When Pam found Eric and she saw he had hep-v. Anytime Jason said something stupid. When Hot and Jessica got married. Terry’s funeral.