Anna Paquin’s ‘The Good Dinosaur’ in Theaters Now

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Anna Paquin is back, just in time for the holidays! Anna is the voice of Ramsey the T-Rex in Pixar’s new movie, The Good Dinosaur, in theaters now.

The Good Dinosaur follows the adventure of a fearful young dinosaur named Arlo who gets swept away from his home and needs to journey across strange lands to return to his family. Along the way Arlo meets Ramsey and her brother, who are not the terrifying characters one would expect from giant carnivores.

“They’re using their massive size and power for slightly gruff and robust but loving and kind purposes. They’re using their power for good, and that obviously is not something we see in real life a hell of a lot,” Anna told IGN. “That’s not usually the way T-Rexes have been portrayed in film. Usually the T-Rex is some big lone animal that just comes in and eats everything. They’re a family, and obviously the themes of this film are about family and what that means and who you are in relation to and what your trials and tribulations mean as far as making you the person you are so you can make your mark, so you earn your place.”

Another bonus? Anna gets her own Disney toy!

The Good Dinosaur opens in theaters around the world today.

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