Flashback Friday: Bill Opposes the South Going to War

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We knew that Bill Compton lived in Louisiana during the mid-19th century and fought in the Civil War, but it wasn’t until episode 7.05 that we learned he was a reluctant soldier. In “Lost Cause”, Bill remembers the days before war was declared in 1862.

During a rally at the Bodehouse Saloon, Bill tries to be the voice of reason, telling the men that they are outnumbered and outgunned by the Northern army, and that war would be suicide because it would end with the destruction of the South. Bill is branded a “Yankee sympathizer” and thrown out. [watch here]


Later in the episode, Bill recalls trying to lead himself, his family, and several runaway slaves North before being confronted by his old friend Charles Dupont.


Bill’s final flashback of the episode is of the moments before he leaves, forced into service of the Confederate Army, promising Caroline that he’ll come back to her and their children.


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