Flashback Friday: Jackson Instructs Young Alcide on the Ways of the Pack

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This week we flashback to Alcide’s youth and the first time we see his father, Jackson Herveaux, played by Robert Patrick.

In this scene from episode 5.09, “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”, Alcide and a group of other young people, including Debbie Pelt, listen as Jackson talks about the importance of the Pack to werewolves. It’s a time for them to choose their allegiance, whether they will be human or wolf. Alcide and Debbie both choose Pack.

The context for this flashback is that Russell has returned and taken control of the Pack after Alcide lost the Packmaster challenge to J.D. Alcide remembers his choice while driving to see Jackson and tell him the news, Alcide is now a lone wolf.

The only video I could find of this scene is a low-quality phone upload, but click here if you need a refresher.

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