Sam Trammell Receives Raves for ‘All Mistakes Buried’

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True Blood alum Sam Trammell is receiving critical acclaim for his role in the independent movie All Mistakes Buried.

The movie, on which Sam also gets a story credit, follows Sonny (played by Sam), an addict who takes on a dangerous underground criminal ring in his small Southern town to retrieve a stolen pendant he believes will save his marriage (Sonny’s wife is played by Sam’s real life partner Missy Yager).

ALL MISTAKES BURIED – Trailer (Uncensored) from SSS Entertainment on Vimeo.

The Chicagoist says:

Trammell, who shares a story credit for the film, is excellent in a role that requires him to be on edge in almost every scene, while still showing some of the flashy charisma Sonny had before his downfall.

Matt Zoller Seitz at says:

If there were Oscars for Best Performance in a Movie Academy Voters Wouldn’t be Caught Dead Watching, Trammell’s performance would be a lock for a nomination. His work as Sonny doesn’t just anchor the film, in many ways it is the film; nearly every second of “All Mistakes Buried” is anchored to Sonny’s jittery, guilty, unrealistically hopeful consciousness, and it’s so lively and imaginative that its baroque flourishes seem all of a piece (junkies aren’t known for their subtlety). Trammell, who also acted for McCann in “White Rabbit,” has thought through every gesture; many of them are extreme.

The LA Times says:

Trammell carries the film with the physicality of his performance as the jittery, panicked Sonny, exerting a tremendous effort to contain his rising desperation and hysteria.

The Village Voice says:

But even when all the puzzling pieces of Sonny’s existence don’t quite fit, Trammell’s beautifully unhinged performance offers a compelling vision of a grieving narcissist burrowing into the rabbit hole of his own mind.

All Mistakes Buried is currently playing in select theaters. Also available through iTunes, Amazon and OnDemand.

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