Throwback Thursday: When Jessica Tuck Guest Starred on “Grimm” as Another Supe

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We all used to love to hate on Nan Flanagan, beautifully played by Jessica Tuck. We were all shocked though when she met her rather sudden demise. Not to worry, however, as she quickly reappeared in a multi-episode arc on the NBC hit series, “Grimm”, which we cover on our sister site, The Fairy Tale Site. Lets throwback to the best Nan Flanagan quotes, and fondly remember the face of the ATL.

Nan Quotes

“Go clean yourself up. You’re covered in queen.”

“There have been times, I’ll admit, where it’s occurred to me that maybe I should put my career on hold and become a maker. But these last few hours here with you have erased those doubts forever. ”

“I saw the way you both looked at her, hungry puppy dogs slobbering over the same juicy bone.”

“I have proof. Scentific. People are far dumber than they realize.”

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