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In short, if you were standing face to face with the person your comment is directed at and would not say it to them, then it does not belong on our site.


Off-Topic: comments that are not related to (or barely related to) the post are considered off-topic and inappropriate. For example, a post about Sam’s search for his family is not the venue for a discussion about the Bill vs. Eric.

Spamming: posting the same comment in several different places, no matter how long ago the article was written, is considered spamming. Say it once, say it well, then continue the discussion with further original comments. Posting under different names is also considered spamming. Pick a name and stick with it.

Personal Lives: anything the cast and creative team do when not creating or promoting True Blood or another project is considered part of their personal lives and is not appropriate for discussion on The rare exception to this would be if someone announces an engagement or new baby and we give them our congratulations.

Flaming: the act of posting deliberately hostile messages on the site is considered flaming. Such a comment is usually not constructive, does not clarify a discussion, and does not persuade others. Flaming also often veers into personal attacks and abuse, which are also inacceptable on this site.

Trolling: the act of posting controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic comments in an attempt to disrupt a discussion or garner reactions, attention and controversy is considered trolling.