Where can I watch True Blood?

The only legal place to watch True Blood is on HBO and HBO GO; we will not provide information on how to watch the show illegally.

Are you part of the HBO online network?
No, we’re an independent fansite. True-Blood.net is owned and operated by Nice Girls Media. This site is not affiliated with HBO or the True Blood cast/crew in any way.

Can you help me get my song on the show/get a part on the show?
We wish! But no, we have no input on music choices or casting for True Blood. We recommend going through your agent to submit your music or yourself for consideration.

Is True Blood coming back for a seventh season?
YES! Season 7 will be the final season of True Blood. It premieres June 22, 2014.

Can you tell me where season 7 is being filmed? I’d love to see the cast & crew at work!
For security reasons filming locations are not made public. And while it might be fun to see how the show is filmed, we must remember that the cast and crew are working when they’re on the set. Fans dropping by to hang out would be mighty distracting!

Do you know who will be playing  Quinn?
We only post confirmed casting news, so if it hasn’t been posted in our News section, then we don’t know.

Will True Blood Season 6 be available on DVD? When?
Yes! True Blood season 6 will be available on DVD and Blu-ray June 3, 2014.  Pre-order it here.

How did you two get started with this site?
We were already running a fansite for the late, lamented Moonlight, when word came that HBO and Alan Ball were planning to adapt Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire Mysteries for the small screen. Mel was already a big fan of the novels and talked Liz into reading them in early 2008. Of course Liz was immediately hooked and read all 7 novels that were out at the time in one week. Knowing that Liz was functioning under sleep deprivation, Mel cunningly suggested that we launch a site for True Blood even though Moonlight was still on the air at that point and that fansite was taking a lot of our free time. The plan worked, our site was launched in March 2008, and the rest is history!