What Happened to the Forum?

Longtime visitors at True-Blood.net may be wondering what happened to our forum. In fact, we know you are because you’ve been emailing us about it!

We decided in early 2012 to discontinue the forum for a few reasons:

  • Most of the discussion there was duplicating conversations happening in the sites comment section. Many people were simply copying the comment they posted here on the main site and pasting it over in the forum. Not that there’s anything wrong with plagiarizing yourself, but the conversations were becoming redundant.
  • Moderating a forum is time consuming. In order to maintain the level of thoughtful discussion and civility we strive for here at True-Blood.net, a considerable amount of time was needed to moderate forum posts. We felt that our time could be better spent creating fresh content, working with sponsors for giveaways, and maintaining the website.
  • The forum was somewhat restricted. In order to post on the forum, one had to register and be approved. For many people, that’s just a hassle so they opt out of participating. The comments section on the main site does not require registration making it much easier for fans to communicate with each other.

We hope that answers your questions! Please do join us in the various conversations happening here on True-Blood.net as True Blood season 5 gets underway!