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AFTER DEAD: Life Goes On in Bon Temps


The promised coda by Charlaine Harris, After Dead, wraps up the Bon Temps story neatly and I might say, happily if a little bittersweet. Bittersweet because I know that there are no more stories about Sookie and company forthcoming, and after 13 books and all the memories, it was a little sad going back for one last look. We follow ... Read More »

Book Review: “Stalking the Others” by Jess Haines

“Hours had passed since I’d fled Alec Royce’s apartment building with nothing but murder on my mind.” The fourth installment in the H & W Investigations novels by Jess Haines, titled Stalking the Others, has quite a dark flavor to it compared to the first three stories. When we left our heroine, Shiarra Waynest, four hours earlier, she had been ... Read More »

DEADLOCKED: Advance Reviews of Sookie Book 12

The latest novel in the Southern Vampire Mysteries series, Deadlocked, arrives in stores on May 1. We were privileged to receive advance copies several weeks ago, and we’ve been talking amongst ourselves ever since! Today we’re sharing our reviews with you to whet your appetite for the penultimate book in the series. SPOILER ALERT! We’re keeping spoilers to a minimum ... Read More »

Review of From Dead to Worse

"I finished my coffee and tried to plan out my day, but I kept running up against a mental roadblock. It was hard to make plans when you suspected someone might try to kill you." Read More »