True Blood Radio 218: Season 7 Questions, Answers, & Spoilers


Truebies, we’re back! After a particularly busy autumn, Mel and Liz are here with a new episode of True Blood Radio, just in time fore the holidays. In this episode we answer a few questions submitted by fans via our Speakpipe voicemail, including whether Pam and Sookie will be friends on the show, the possibility of visiting True Blood sets, ... Read More »

Leave Us a Voicemail, We May Answer In Our Next Podcast!


Hey Truebies, do you have a question or comment about the show that you’ve been dying to ask? Something you’d like for us to answer on our next podcast? We’d love to hear from you – as in actually HEAR YOUR VOICE – so we’ve set up a voicemail account with SpeakPipe so you can record your questions! See the ... Read More »

True Blood Radio 217: True Blood Season 6 Fan Survey Results


We asked, you answered! In this episode of True Blood Radio, we talk about the results from our third annual True Blood fan survey. We wanted to know what you thought about season 6, and you told us. Hear the results, some analysis, and some further questions as we go through each item on the survey. Things we talked about: ... Read More »

True Blood Radio 216: “Radioactive”


It’s season finale time and Liz & Mel have lots to say about the final hour of True Blood season 6. From Warlow’s final battle to the time jump to what’s coming in season 7, join us for this week’s True Blood Radio. Note: We recorded this episode before Brian Buckner’s post-finale interviews were published. Most of our assumptions and ... Read More »

True Blood Radio 215: Life Matters


This week on True Blood Radio, we gush over what was possibly the best episode of True Blood of all time ever, discuss the many ways in which it grossed us out, explore the deeper purpose of Terry’s funeral, and decide we’re glad Jason didn’t kill Sarah. True Blood Radio is sponsored by Audible. Get your free audio book and ... Read More »

True Blood Radio 214: Dead Meat


Anna Paquin and Anna Camp turned in stellar performances on True Blood this week, one deeply emotional and the other outrageously action-packed. We talk about the future of both Sookie and Sarah, plus how Jason can escape Violet, what Eric has planned, and the odds of Niall turning up to save the day. Read More »

True Blood Radio 213: In the Evening


Another death, some questionable behavior from Jessica and Sookie, a new political power, and finally the weres get interesting in this episode of True Blood Radio! Apologies for the delay getting this out to you all – scheduling + technical glitches conspired against us. Read More »

True Blood Radio 212: “Don’t You Feel Me”


Comic Con wasn’t the only thing happening this week – we also have a momentous episode of True Blood to discuss! From characters avoiding death to characters breathing their last, plus a weird sex scene and undercover shenanigans, “Don’t You Feel Me” gave Liz, Mel, and Mynda lots to talk about. Thanks for joining us for another Google+ Hangout, Truebies. ... Read More »

True Blood Radio 211: Comic Con 2013


Another Comic Con has come and gone, and we’ve got scoop for you from the True Blood panel, convention floor, and other sightings. Relive the fun as an exhausted Mel and Mynda try to remember everything to tell Liz in this episode of True Blood Radio. Things We Talked About: True Blood panel True Blood pictures Joe Manganiello @ NerdHQ ... Read More »

True Blood Radio 210: “F**k the Pain Away”


We tried something new this week – Google Hangout – and it was…different. We’ll work on it. In the meantime, join us for a discussion of the surprising, revealing, fantastic episode that marks the middle of True Blood season 6. The overriding question? What does it all mean?!?! Things we mentioned: Comic Con info Preview for True Blood 6.06 (SPOILERS) ... Read More »