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Official HBO True Blood Sites

HBO: True BloodHBO: True Blood Wiki
HBO – Inside True Blood Blog
True Blood on Facebook
True Blood on Twitter
True Blood on YouTube
Jessica’s Blog
American Vampire League
Fellowship of the Sun
Tru Blood

True Blood Actor/Author Sites
Alexander Skarsgard Web
Alexander Skarsgard Italian Fan Forum
Stephen Moyer ExaminerRyan Kwanten Web
Kristin Bauer Fansite
Anna Paquin Fan Site
Anna Paquin Pictures

True Blood in the Media

True Blood on
True Blood on BuddyTV

True Blood Fansites
True Blood Italia (Poland)
True Blood Online
True Blood Italia Forum
True Blood Hypnoweb.Net
Serie True Blood Blog
Merlotte’s Bar: A True Blood Graphics SiteTrue Blood Fanlisting
True Blood Espana
Dead and Still Living: A True Blood Role Playing Forum
True Blood Spoilers – TV Fanatic
A Taste of True Blood
Bleeding Love: A Jessica & Hoyt Forum
True Blood Serbia
True Blood News
Eric & Sookie Lovers Forum
Fangbangers Forum
Fangtasia Brasil
TruBlood Beverage on Facebook
Mystical Vampire Vixens
ILoveBonTemps (France)
Love for True Blood (Romania)
True Blood – Skarsgard (Italy)
True Blood (Poland)
TrueBlood4Fans (Poland) Video Blog
True Blood Italy
True Blood Fan Fiction
True Blood Balkans (France)
FanForum – True Blood
HBO Watch
Charlaine Harris AuNZ – Facebook
HitFix-True Blood
Southern Vampire Blog
Fur Steve’s Sake


Other Sites

Nice Girls TV
Lestat & Marius Fan Site
Hooked on Books Blog
Christy on Etsy
Supernatural Series
Vampire Fanfictions
Vampire Reviews (Germany)
Vampires and Slayers
Vampire Romance Books
The Vampire Diaries Fansite (France)
My Vamp Fiction
Yield To Me RPG Message Board
SS Book Club’s Blog
Charmed Fan Club
Vampire Obsessed Forum
Twilight A to Z
Mystic Falls Daily
Horror Fatale
Vampire’s Crib Blog (Romania)
Fangs – A Forum for Vampire Fans
TV Series Addicted
Dracula In Dior
Men of Bon Temps
Hypable – Visit Hypable for general entertainment news
The Secret Circle Fansite

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