Episode 105

Episode #5: “Sparks Fly Out”
Debut: SUNDAY, OCT. 5
Spurned by an exasperated Sookie (Anna Paquin), Bill (Stephen Moyer) ends up winning over Adele’s (Lois Smith) church audience with his vivid recollections from the Civil War, though Andy (Chris Bauer) and Bud (William Sanderson) remain suspicious. Sam (Sam Trammell) tries to make the most of his opportunity with Sookie, though she’s clearly not ready to commit. Ignoring Tara’s (Rutina Wesley) rebuff, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) convinces Jason (Ryan Kwanten) to give vampire blood, aka “V juice,” another shot. Alone at home, Bill remembers the painful wartime incident that changed his fate forever.
Written by Alexander Woo; directed by Daniel Minahan.