Episode 4.02

“You Smell Like Dinner”
Original airdate: July 3, 2011

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Official Synopsis – added 06.03.11

Sookie adjusts to Bon Temps’ new realities; Bill reveals pieces of his past; Eric crashes a witches’ meeting; Jason gets his wounds licked; Andy struggles with his addiction; Sam learns of Luna’s special talents; Jessica satisfies her blood cravings; Arlene witnesses strange behavior from her family. (Written by Brian Bucker; directed by Scott Winant.)

Casting Call – added 11.29.10

The casting call for True Blood episode 4.02, titled “You Smell Like Dinner”, is here! Thanks to Melodie for the head’s up.

First is Callum, a British bartender we’ll meet when we flashback to 1982 London. He bartends in a punk underground nightclub, but who is he serving in this flashback? My bet is on Pam.

We’ll also meet a pair of male protesters outside Fangtasia. One of them picks a fight with a fangbanger while the other captures the video on his cell phone. Fellowship of the Sun wackos?

And finally we have Luther, an older, backwoods, inbred man living on “the compound.” In the casting call, he’s referred to as “Timbo’s uncle”, begging the question – who is Timbo? (Updated: Mony notes in the comments that Timbo is one of the kids Jason takes care of in Hotshot.)