Episode 4.03

“If  You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?
Original airdate: July 10, 2011

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Official Synopsis – added 06.03.11

Sookie makes a deal with Eric, and reconnects with Alcide; Bill punishes an errant vampire and counsels a guilt-ridden Jessica; Jason is cast as a reluctant savior; Tommy eyes a scam and alienates Sam; Marnie flexes her newfound powers; Pam delivers an ultimatum to Lafayette, Tara and Jesus; Eric spoils Sookie’s faerie reunion. (Written by Alan Ball; directed by David Petrarca.)

Casting Call – posted 01.03.11

True Blood informant Melodie shared the latest casting call for season 4 episode 3, titled “If  You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?”, which includes seven guest roles. Some of these were already mentioned in E! Online’s spoiler chat, as reported earlier. This episode begins filming next week.

First up is Antonia, a recurring role that begins in episode 2 and runs through episode 6. She’s anywhere from 20 to 40, speaks fluent Spanish, and is “fierce”. Possibly related to Kevin Alejandro’s Jesus? Or is Bill heading to Peru?

A generic vampire, a pudgy young woman in her 20s, and a camera operator are all being cast as part of an underground You Tube video that depicts the vampire feeding on the woman. The camera operator is also in his 20s and is on a mission to warn America about vampires by showing their true colors. It appears that he entraps the vampires by filming them, leaving the vamp desperate to avoid exposure.

Pam will enjoy snacking on a fangbanger, who definitely enjoys being snacked on and is disappointed when she takes off. (Please let that mean she flies!)

Nan Flanagan will debate a smug conservative f*ck (honest, that’s his name in the script) who wears a bow tie. We’re guessing the You Tube video comes into play here.

And finally, Tommy encounters Paul McClatchy, a “prospector” who works for an energy company and makes Tommy an intriguing offer. Do you suppose he knows Tommy is a shapeshifter? What could he have in mind for Sam’s troublemaker of a brother?