Episode 4.06

“I Wish I Was the Moon”
Original airdate: July 31, 2011

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Official Synopsis – added 06.03.11

Sookie searches for Jason under a full moon; Marnie connects with spirits of the past; Arlene and Terry cope with a suspicious inferno; Debbie urges Alcide to join a new werewolf community; Tommy trades places with Sam; Lafayette feels the spirit in Mexico; Eric surrenders to his King’s will. (Written by Raelle Tucker; directed by Jeremy Podeswa.)

Title and Casting Call – added 01.26.11

True Blood’s Nest has some intel on True Blood episode 4.06 from “an informant” that has been partially verified by SpoilerTV. The title of the episode is “I Wish I Was the Moon” and it’s written by Raelle Tucker.

Looks like we’ll be getting another flashback in this episode as they’re casting a character named Mavis, “a sad-eyed girl dressed in a modest 1930s dress.” She’s African-American, age 20-30, and speaks with a Cajun accent. Mavis is a recurring guest star. Is she part of the Jesus/Lafayette storyline? Kevin Alejandro noted in an interview today that he’s been working on True Blood a lot: “You’re gonna see a lot of me. It’s the season of the witches, so you can count on seeing me a little bit more than last season.”