True Blood Season 4 Spoiler Guide

HBO has renewed True Blood for a fourth season, slated to premiere June 26, 2011. will update with spoilers, casting news, photos, videos, and more as they are made available. The red carpet premiere is June 21 in Hollywood.

True Blood Season 3 is on DVD and Blu-ray as of Tuesday, May 31, 2011. Pick up a copy at or


Per Ryan Kwanten, True Blood season 4 will pick up a year after the events of season 3. However, previously Ausiello asserted that season 4 will pick up immediately where season 3 left off, leaving us to wonder about the timeline. Alan Ball has declared this the season of the witch in several interviews. The role of Hallow, a necromancer and an important part of the witch wars in the books, is being cast for season 4 and we know that Holly returns to play a role in the action.

Alan also stated in the little clip after the finale that we’ll meet other supernatural beings in season 4. Something besides vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, fairies, and witches? We’ll also see a major upheaval in the world of vampire politics, what with Russell being MIA for the time being.

Already confirmed to return are: Sookie, Eric, Bill, Sam, Tara, Jason, Lafayette, Pam, Alcide, Terry, Arlene, Jessica, Jesus, Tommy, Holly, Crystal, Claudine, Hoyt, and Russell (possibly in season 5).

Season 4 Episodes

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Episode 4.01 :: “She’s Not There” | Rundown of first 3 minutes | Watch the first 6 minutes

Episode 4.02 :: “You Smell Like Dinner

Episode 4.03 :: “If  You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?

Episode 4.04 :: “I’m Alive and on Fire

Episode 4.05 :: “Me and the Devil

Episode 4.06 :: ” I Wish I Was The Moon

Episode 4.07 :: “Cold Grey Light of Dawn

Episode 4.08 :: “Spellbound

Episode 4.09 :: “Run

Episode 4.10 :: “The World’s a Mess, It’s In My Kiss

Episode 4.11 :: “Soul of Fire

Episode 4.12 :: “And When I Die

True Blood Season 4 New Cast Members

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Fiona Shaw is Marnie/Hallow Stonebrook (human, Wiccan)

Courtney Ford is Portia Bellefleur (human, lawyer, Andy’s sister)

Neil Hopkins is Claude (fairy, Claudine’s brother)

Janina Gavankar is Luna (shifter, teacher, Sam’s love interest)

Alexandra Breckenridge is Daisy (human?, Wiccan)

Vedette Kim is Naomi (were, cage fighter)

Christina Moore is Suzanne McKitterick (shifter, Texas housewife)

Chris Butler is Emory Broome (shifter)

Randy Wayne is Matt (human, FOTS protester)

Brandon Molale is Officer Featherstone (human?, police officer)

Dane DeHaan is Timbo (shifter, from Hotshot)

Rebecca Wisocky is Queen Mab (fairy)

Paola Turbay is Antonia (human?)

Daniel Buran is Raoul Marcus (were, packmaster)

Gary Cole is Earl Stackhouse (human/faerie?, Sookie & Jason’s grandfather)

Scott Foley is Patrick Devins (human?, Terry’s military buddy, confirmed for season 5)

Season 4 Video Promos

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Season of the Witch – January 2011

Eric – March 2011

Sam & Luna – March 2011

Jason & Crystal – March 2011

Bill & Eric – March 2011

Pam, Tara, Lafayette & Marnie – April 2011

Terry & Arlene – April 2011

Invitation to the Set – April 2011

“Stop Making That Noise!” – May 2011

Witches vs. Vampires – May 2011

First 8 minutes of season 4 – June 2011

Season 4 Photos & Posters

First four episodes – May 2011

Red, White & Black posters – May 2011

Vampire group photo – June 2011

Cast photos – June 2011