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eric in lake

This week’s Throwback Thursday is from Season 4 when Eric was drunk on fairy blood and could walk in the sun. Sookie and Alcide went to get Eric because if he died Pam would kill her (and we all know she would have). Eric was a little looney and wanted to fight Alcide, who resisted at first but then gave ... Read More »

True Blood Fashion: Alcide’s Sunday Best, Vamp Camp Uniforms, Adilyn’s Sweatshirt


In this week’s True Blood Costume Designer Audrey Fisher answers your questions about a sharp-dressed man, vampire prison garb, and a sweet sweatshirt. Q. In the season 6 season finale, Alcide rocked 2 suit jacket and shirt combos (at the funeral and at church) and shirt and leather jacket combo (at Bellefleur’s at the end of the episode). Can you help ... Read More »

VIDEO: “Waiting Sucks” – Alcide


Wow, HBO is showering us with goodies this week! The second “Waiting Sucks” video was just released, this time featuring Alcide, Martha, and Rikki in a tense scene following their escape from the V-addicted wolves with pup Emma. Take a look: True Blood season 6 premieres Sunday, June 16 on HBO. Read More »

Why Didn’t Sookie & Alcide Do More Than Make Out?

TVLine has an article asking that question of Alan Ball today, and, well, it seemed obvious to me what was going on, but here’s Alan’s official answer: “The decision to not do it this season [came about because] every single season, it’s been all about Sookie falling in love with this person or that person,” exiting showrunner Alan Ball tells ... Read More »

SPOILERS: Sookie and Alcide, Sittin’ in a Tree…

With Magic Mike opening in theaters Friday, Joe Manganiello is making the publicity rounds and dropping a little True Blood scoop along the way. Here are a couple of interesting pieces of information for Alcide fans. From TV Guide: Also exploring his origins is Joe Manganiello, True Blood‘s resident werewolf. “I just worked with my ‘daddy’ till six am on Saturday morning ... Read More »

VIDEOS: Two Sneak Peeks at True Blood Season 5!

We have a pair of sneak peeks at True Blood season 5 to share with you this morning! These two videos actually contain 3 scenes from, I believe, the season premiere airing June 10. The first is more from that scene with Alcide and Sookie in her kitchen, and it looks like her big reveal may come sooner than we ... Read More »

SPOILER-ISH: Someone’s Being Dragged

The Inside True Blood Blog updated today with a photo from an impromptu demonstration of how someone might be dragged across the floor on True Blood. Here’s how Gianna Sobol describes the scene: Executive Producer Gregg Fienberg demonstrates how he envisions someone being dragged across a room, while stunt coordinator Hiro Koda figures out the mechanics of the action. I’ll ... Read More »

VIDEO: True Blood Season 5 Scene with Sookie & Alcide {SPOILERS}

HBO aired another teaser for True Blood season 5 tonight, prior to Game of Thrones, reminding us that waiting sucks. It’s a short scene on set with Joe Manganiello and Anna Paquin as Alcide lets Sookie in on a little secret. Who else is happy to see someone letting Sookie in on the truth? Updated: Apparently there’s an extended version ... Read More »

FRIDAY FIVE: True Blood Gifts You’d Like to See Under Your Tree

Can you tell we’ve gotten into the full swing of the holiday spirit around here? And why not? It’s a warm and giving season which brings with it thoughts of glowing candlelight, scents of cinnamon and spice and fir trees, and the sounds of our favorite holiday songs. We’ve all got our shopping lists and we’re checking them twice, keeping ... Read More »

Alcide’s Favorite Howl-oween Movies and Songs

Alcide is hoping for a full moon on Halloween, but if he doesn’t get one, I’m thinking he’ll be home watching his favorite movies and loading up his iPod with the tunes of season. I’ve chosen five of each that are pretty good possibilities. Movies [easyazon-link asin="B002ZG98N2"]Priest (Rated Version)[/easyazon-link]- Starring Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet, Maggie Q and Stephen Moyer. Apocalyptic sci-fi thriller ... Read More »