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eric in lake

This week’s Throwback Thursday is from Season 4 when Eric was drunk on fairy blood and could walk in the sun. Sookie and Alcide went to get Eric because if he died Pam would kill her (and we all know she would have). Eric was a little looney and wanted to fight Alcide, who resisted at first but then gave ... Read More »

VIDEO: “Waiting Sucks” – Eric


So apparently HBO is going to give us True Blood goodies several times per week leading up to the season 6 premiere on June 16. They’ll get no complaints from us! Today’s “Waiting Sucks” installment shows Eric Northman interviewing Willa Burrell (newcomber Amelia Rose Blaire) at Fangtasia, gathering intel on what’s happening to the vampires who are being rounded up ... Read More »

True Blood Fashion Q&A: We’re Baaaaaack!

Truebies, can someone tell me how it’s suddenly two months since our last True Blood fashion column? It’s been on my To Do list every. single. day. And yet, here we are already in the middle of October with piles of fashion still to discuss. Thank goodness Audrey Fisher keeps such good records, and is willing to answer belated questions, ... Read More »

True Blood Fashion: Flashback to 1905

This season True Blood gave us Pam’s vampire origin story, courtesy of flashbacks to her life as a Madame in San Francisco, circa 1905. Crossing paths with bloodthirsty Lorena and Bill, and rescuer/Maker Eric, the storyline gave True Blood costume designer Audrey Fisher the opportunity to create some beautiful period looks for the actors to wear. Many of you had ... Read More »

VIDEOS: Two Sneak Peeks at True Blood Season 5!

We have a pair of sneak peeks at True Blood season 5 to share with you this morning! These two videos actually contain 3 scenes from, I believe, the season premiere airing June 10. The first is more from that scene with Alcide and Sookie in her kitchen, and it looks like her big reveal may come sooner than we ... Read More »