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Friday Five: People That They “Used to Know”

As I was watching last week’s episode, Somebody That I Used to Know, I was looking for the relationship between the title and the episode content. This gave me the idea for this week’s Friday Five. I love it when a show gives me something to think about and True Blood certainly fills each season with loads of food for ... Read More »

Friday Five: Shocking Moments in S5 So Far

This week’s Friday Five comes from long time True-Blood.net guest, Dee, who goes by Nothinbutjoy when she visits us. She is thinking about some of the disturbances in the force, I mean shocking/unexpected events that have happened so far this season. After only 4 episodes there’s already quite a list. 1) Everyone turning on Sookie. People of Bon Temps need ... Read More »

Friday Five: Anger Management Issues

Welcome back to the season 5 Friday Five feature that has become a favorite among our readers. This week we’re dealing with anger management issues that we’ve seen in the first couple of episodes of the new season. There are quite a few but I’m picking my own personal top five. Feel free to add yours in the comments below. Tara – ... Read More »

FRIDAY FIVE: Looking Forward to 2012

Sorry about the late Friday Five! Unforeseen circumstances prevented me from posting yesterday. As we say goodbye to 2011 and look forward to the new year there are s few things that Mel and I are looking forward to. Here are five of them. Season 5 of True Blood beginning in June. (Duh!) San Diego Comic Con 2012. I know it’s really ... Read More »

Friday Five: True Blood Holiday Gifts

This weekend is Christmas weekend and Mel and I are ready to celebrate. Our halls are decked and visions of sugar plum fairies are dancing in our heads, although those visions quickly became nightmares thanks to Alan Ball & Co. The HBO Shop was also busy with holiday shoppers and I thought it would be fun to list some of ... Read More »

FRIDAY FIVE: Holiday Carols True Blood Style

I was trying to imagine what the holidays would be like in Bon Temps and having a difficult time of it. Would there be a pageant? A tree lighting ceremony in the middle of town with hot chocolate and Tru Blood being passed around? Would there be carolers going from door to door, spreading Christmas cheer with their voices? I ... Read More »

Friday Five: True Blood Inspired Halloween Costumes

I’m not one for celebrating Halloween or dressing up in costume, but I do love to see all the creative ideas out there. I just heard on the radio this morning that a girl was just going to wear a sack and she will be Good in the Sack. Creative, no? Truebies can get pretty creative as we know. With ... Read More »

Friday Five: Humorous Sookie Sayings from Season 4

Sookie had some great lines this past season, and with Anna Paquin’s feisty skills and snarky deliveries, she made me laugh more than once. Most of them are directed at Eric, which makes them even funnier. These are my Friday Five humorous quotes from The Sook. “Do you think my legs are going to magically open for you?” Sookie totally has Eric ... Read More »

Friday Five: Mythological Creatures Suggested for Season 5, 6, Etc.

The idea for this week’s Friday Five comes from Dee, one our forum members. (I’m telling you guys, you should join us over there! We’re having a great time!) Dee wants to speculate on what kind of mythological creatures yet to be explored in Alan Ball‘s Bon Temps. We’ve seen a demon, faeries, vampires, a maenad, werewolves, shapeshifters and ghosts. ... Read More »

Friday Five: Season 4 Fan Speculations That Came True

This week’s Friday Five is for the fans. There had been a lot of speculation here on our website as well as in our forum as to what will actually go down by season’s ending. Here are the top five that came true. Adele’s Return – When the spoiler came out that “spirits of the dead surface in Bon Temps, ... Read More »