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True Blood Fashion: Jessica’s Dress + Necklace, Jason’s Striped Shirt, Sam’s Plaid Shirt


True Blood season 6 may have wrapped, but your fashion questions keep coming! This week Costume Designer Audrey Fisher tackles queries about Jessica’s final outfit, what Jason wore to kill Warlow, and Sam’s moody plaid. Q. Where was the key necklace from that Jessica wore on the season finale of True Blood season 6 – Leah Q. What dress was Jessica wearing ... Read More »

SPOILERS: Do Sam & Nicole Have Chemistry?


Apparently we weren’t the only ones to notice the electricity in the air when Jurnee Smollett’s Nicole confronted Sam Trammell’s Sam about his real identity in Merlotte’s last week. But will that turn into a romantic connection? In this week’s Inside Line from TVLine, Matt goes there with a fan question: In the second episode of True Blood Season 6, I sensed ... Read More »

SPOILERS: Janina Gavankar Spills Luna’s Secrets

Janina Gavankar was nabbed by Inside True Blood for some scoop on Luna and Sam in season 5. Gianna: What’s happening for Luna this season? Janina: Ohhhh, just general insanity. I’d like to say she’s ONLY dealing with losing the father of her child, but her life is just getting more and more complicated this year. Gianna: Do you think ... Read More »

FRIDAY FIVE: True Blood Gifts You’d Like to See Under Your Tree

Can you tell we’ve gotten into the full swing of the holiday spirit around here? And why not? It’s a warm and giving season which brings with it thoughts of glowing candlelight, scents of cinnamon and spice and fir trees, and the sounds of our favorite holiday songs. We’ve all got our shopping lists and we’re checking them twice, keeping ... Read More »

Sam Trammell on Sam’s Rage, Shapeshifting, & Romance

Sam Trammell spoke with Ian Spelling about what’s coming up for Sam Merlotte on True Blood this season. He had to be careful about spilling the big twists, but shed more light on Sam’s relationship with Luna (listen to our interview with Janina Gavankar): “Luna is a very interesting character, and Sam is very attracted to her,” Trammell said. “She’s ... Read More »

Interview: Sam Trammell Talks Love and Family Issues in S4

In a recent exclusive interview with TV Fanatic, Sam Trammell zeroes in on Sam Merlotte’s love interest and little bro Tommy. “Tommy is there,” the actor said. “We still don’t know whether I shot him or not. But he’s definitely around.” Sam will also have to deal with the rest of his family this season, because they just won’t go away. ... Read More »

Latest Spoilers Include Eric, Sookie, Sophie Anne and More

Hot off the Twit-presses, Ausiello has already watched the first three episodes of True Blood and he’s talking! Well, only a little. He’s not going to totally ruin this for us, but his teases are mouthwatering. Check it out: Question: Its been a while since we’ve had any really good True Blood scoops. Please change that for us. —Jessica S. ... Read More »