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Flashback: Watch Teasers for Previous Seasons of True Blood


Over on our Facebook page, some Truebies have been complaining about the teaser for True Blood season 7 that HBO released yesterday. “That’s not a trailer,” seems to be the most common outraged response. That’s true, it’s not a trailer, it’s a teaser … as is clearly stated in all of our, and HBO’s, references to the video. Now, we ... Read More »


Tara MMA

Happy Thursday Truebies! I hope everyone is having a great week! Today we are throwing back to season 4 when Tara changed her name to Toni, moved to New Orleans and became an MMA fighter…oh yeah, and she had a hot MMA fighter girlfriend. Woo! Everything about that was a shocker! After all the drama she went through in Season ... Read More »

Retro Roundup: Speculating About True Blood Season 4

With True Blood season 4 coming out on DVD and Blu-ray combo pack in just a few days, and season 5 right around the corner, we thought it would be fun to look back at the information we had about True Blood season 4 around this time last year. Do you remember speculating about the season based on the nuggets ... Read More »

Relive the Best of Season 4 with the Cast of True Blood

On Sunday, May 27th, HBO will air True Blood: Conjuring Up Season 4 in anticipation of the release of the DVD set and the premiere of season 5. Watch the cast chat about the entire season, giving some behind-the-scenes perspective and some fang-baring from Stephen Moyer. Watch the 15-minute clip immediately following X-Men: First Class. Read More »

True Blood Brings Viewers to FX UK

True Blood season 4 premiered on FX UK yesterday, bringing viewers back to the network after a three-month slump in that Sunday night timeslot. Per The Guardian, 249,000 people tuned in to see what happened in Bon Temps while Sookie was gone for a year, which represents a 1200% increase over the previous three months. Yeah, that’s twelve hundred percent. Read More »

True Blood a Top 2011 Show for GetGlue

GetGlue, the social media check-in site, released stats on the most social TV shows in 2011 today, along with a nifty infographic sharing all sorts of information. True Blood had the second most check-ins in 2011, behind The Big Bang Theory, and the most single episode check-ins (season 4 premiere). We added a handy check-in feature in our sidebar in ... Read More »

FX UK announces airdate for Season 4

Heads up, UK Truebies! FX UK have finally announced an airdate for Season 4. You’ll be able to catch this fantastic season from 5th February 2012 and every Sunday at 10pm. Head on over to their website to check out their Season 4 teaser video. Read More »

VIDEO: The True Blood “What Am I?” Game

A few months ago, Vulture created this hilarious video guide to who is what on True Blood, and somehow we missed it until now. (Thanks, Irene!) Says Vulture: True Blood‘s plotlines are often convoluted, its acting sometimes histrionic, and its pacing can be a bit off. But there’s one thing the show positively excels at: constantly reminding viewers who everyone ... Read More »

True Blood Fountain in Romania

Jason to Bill: “Letting you drink her (Sookie’s) blood like it was your own private soda fountain.” – Soul of Fire Well Romanians may not go that far, but they do have a fountain spurting red water! The fourth season of True Blood just started up in Bucarest on October 7th, and as part of the viral campaign surrounding the ... Read More »